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Mar 08

Preview of Fighting Styles and Theme Decks

The MMA Combat Card Game has several different Theme Decks based on different fighting styles. Today we touch on the biggest four, and think ahead to what's next.

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Theme Deck Lists

Jul 29

MMAccg Decklists are finally available!

Expanding on the Theme Deck Preview blog post, here are the complete decklists (with card info included) for each of the four MMAccg Theme Decks!

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Apr 20

MMAccg Game Review by Nate Lusk

Here's a quick (approx 12 minute) review from Nate Lusk!

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Oct 23

Game Smith Playtesting Rules Breakdown

Video rules overview from the spectacular guys over at Game Smiths Playtesting

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Oct 16

About the MMA Combat Card Game

The MMA Combat Card Game is a two player game that brings the in-cage action of a mixed martial arts fight to your table.

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Calling all MMA and Combat Sports Photographers!

CCG Publishing is looking to license photos of in-cage action shots to use for our upcoming card game.

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