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Jul 29

MMAccg Decklists are finally available!

Expanding on our previous "MMA Theme Deck Preview" blog, linked below are the four decklists for each of the theme decks. (Blurb below copied/pasted from our original post!)

The Brawler.

This deck takes advantage of the fact that each round of the fight starts off in the Standing position. Leaning heavily on strikes and maneuvers to keep the fighters on their feet, this deck can usually find enough damage on the ground or in the clinch to finish an opponent off. 

The Tap Out Artist.

As the name suggests, this deck looks to take the fight to the ground and capitalize with high powered submissions to bring your opponents toughness, and consciousness level down to zero.

The Muay Thai Specialist.

Looking to set the pace of the fight by getting and staying in the clinch, this deck often finds you in control of the fight, allowing your strikes to hit harder until your opponent finds themselves knocked out.

The Ground and Pound deck.

As the name implies, this deck is comfortable on the ground, and can go toe to toe with any of the other three decks by throwing solid strikes and hefty submissions of its own. 

Each of the four theme decks mentioned above brings different and unique cards to the game, but don't forget: You can fully customize your deck to suit your personal playstyle!  What deck would you like to build?

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