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Oct 16

About the MMA Combat Card Game

The MMA Combat Card Game is a two player game that brings the in-cage action of a mixed martial arts fight to your table.

Choose from a number of theme decks, including The Brawler, Tap Out Artist, Muay Thai Specialist, and more. When you've got a few fights under your belt, customize your own deck. 

You've been waiting your whole life for this... The only thing standing between
you and greatness is 3 Five-minute rounds... if you can last that long!

A game consists of Three Rounds. During each round both players get 5 turns each. Players start at 30 Toughness. When your toughness reaches Zero, you are "knocked out!" At the end of 3 rounds, if no player is knocked out, go to the judges scorecards to determine a winner - players count up the total victory points on successfully played cards during the game. Highest victory point total wins!

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